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Affordable and Reliable Belt Press Rentals

IMG_0355Sludge management and wastewater filtration is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. If you’re an industrial company tasked with dredging and dewatering the wastewater during a big project, a reliable belt press is required. However, the costs associated with buying and servicing your own belt press typically isn’t practical, which is where we come in.

At Sandling Inc., we pride ourselves on offering affordable and reliable belt press rentals and other dewatering equipment. There isn’t a job too big or too small that our mobile dewatering equipment can’t handle.

Use our 1.7-2 Meter Belt Presses for projects that require large volumes of sludge dewatering. A Plate and Frame Press is ideal when you want to recover the highest volume of filtrate and produce the driest cake from your waste stream.  We understand that every project has budget constraints and limitations. Our fees are affordable, so you won’t have to worry about going over budget in order to get the job done.

Another advantage of renting from Sandling Inc. – all of our mobile belt presses and dewatering equipment are regularly maintenanced and properly cared for. So you needn’t worry about them breaking down on the job.  In the event something was to happen to a piece of equipment, our team is ready at a moment’s notice to fix any issues. Let us help make your project run smoothly with dependable and reliable belt press equipment. Call us today to get started!

Mechanical vs. Hydraulic Dredgers

1In general, dredges (also known as dredgers) come in two basic forms: mechanical and hydraulic. Mechanical dredges work by mechanically digging or gathering sediment from the bottom surface of a body of water, typically through use of a bucket.  Mechanical dredging takes place at the shoreline or working off of a barge and may or may not involve draining a lake.

The most common mechanical dredger is the bucket dredger, which is stationary, fixed by anchoring and moves while it dredges by winches. It features a number of buckets that fill as it scrapes the bottom. The material that is dredged is loaded in a barge and hauled away. This type of dredge rental is the most common in many industries.

Hydraulic dredges, on the other hand, work by sucking up a mixture of sediment and water (known as slurry) from the bottom surface and then transferring the mixture through a pipeline to another location. This dredge acts like a giant floating vacuum, removing sediment.

Dredges are used to move, and remove, a wide variety of materials, such as waste, gravel, trash and sediment.  Dredges help to keep canals, ports, harbors, and marinas clean. Dredges even help to restore beaches and land lost due to erosion.

Hydraulic dredging is most effective when working with finely grained material. Coarser things, such as gravel, can be handled but will put a higher demand on the pump, causing it to wear more quickly.

Are you looking to remove silt, sand, mud, and other sludge materials that has decreased your ponds capacity? Contact Sandling Industrial Services for mini dredge rental, which will help you to restore full capacity to your water source.

Dewatering 101

1.7 Meter Belt PressIf you’re in the business, you already know plenty about dewatering. But , if you’re new to the industry, or you’ve simply heard the term and are wondering exactly what it is and how it’s accomplished, allow us to give you a  brief overview.

First, to put it simply, dewatering is the removal of water. This process is used in many industries but commonly referred to in construction and wastewater when water is separated from solids through a variety of different pumping or filtering processes.

Construction dewatering involves pumping from wells or sumps to temporarily lower groundwater levels, to allow excavations to be made in dry and stable conditions below natural groundwater level. In wastewater treatment, dewatering is the part of the process where sludge is reduced in volume and converted from a liquid to a solid.

If you’re in need of mechanical dewatering equipment, trust the professionals at Sandling Industrial Services. Our mechanical dewatering systems are optimized to help you remove all types of solids from your waste water. Our belt filter and chamber filter presses utilize sophisticated methods that separate your solid and liquid phases. We have the knowledge and skills to help you get the job done. We service the entire United States, so call us today for help with your dewatering project.