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Renting the 1.7-Meter Belt Press

Wastewater Treatment CompaniesWastewater treatment companies that offer rental services have made it easy for many businesses to augment their environmentally-conscious practices. One piece of equipment, the mobile 1.7m belt press, is revolutionizing how companies treat and dispose of sludge.

A key component of the wastewater treatment process is sludge dewatering. This process separates solids from water, allowing them to be compressed for disposal. The 1.7m belt press makes the dewatering process simple.

One of the most prohibitive obstacles for many businesses is having a wastewater treatment facility at their location. It could be unfeasible to establish such a space, or the upkeep costs would make it unmanageable. The 1.7m belt press is mobile. It is set up as a semi-truck trailer, and most of its functions and controls are contained entirely within the unit. This allows for quick assembly and setup. Also, its relatively compact footprint means that only a few people are necessary to run it.

Additionally, renting the equipment allows you to take advantage of a well-trained and experienced support team. The crews that deliver the belt press handle the maintenance requirements and delivery, which will free up your staff for other roles.

Altogether, the mobile 1.7m belt press provides a convenient and cost-effective solution to treating sludge. By renting this piece of equipment through a wastewater treatment company, you will find it easy to honor your commitments to your environment—while also protecting your bottom line.

Why Renting Sludge Dewatering Equipment is Important

Sludge DewateringEnvironmentally sound industrial practices leave a lasting impact on the community and the future. Businesses and industries that produce sludge or treat wastewater must adopt procedures that facilitate the sensible disposal of waste. The logistics behind such an undertaking can be prohibitive for many factors. In these instances, renting sludge dewatering equipment has become a popular and accessible option for many companies.

While sludge dewatering has become an important component of the wastewater management process, it is cost-prohibitive for a variety of reasons. It requires specialized equipment, sufficient training of personnel, and a means to transport the resultant sludge. As you can imagine, not all businesses may have the equipment or resources on-hand to have a dedicated sludge dewatering sector at their facility.

Renting equipment can be a cost-effective option for many businesses. This allows dewatering processes to occur as needed, reducing upkeep and operating costs. The rental company handles the delivery, operation, and maintenance of the equipment. In turn, these services will keep your operating costs manageable while helping your organization reach its goals to remain environmentally responsible.

Sludge dewatering can protect the environment and upholds the safety of your waste management processes. By renting the equipment, you have access to advanced technology and machinery that will streamline your operations.