Plate & Frame Press Rental

Plate & Frame Press Rentals Nationwide

When it comes to filter presses, the plate and frame press features one of the most fundamentally effective designs. Sandling Industrial Services offers plate and frame press rentals to municipalities and industrial clients throughout the nation. This equipment,  is also known as recessed chamber filter press.  The plate and frame filter press is one of the most widely utilized pieces of equipment for solids separation and filtration.

The Usefulness of Plate & Frame Presses

The plate and frame press rentals we offer consists of multiple recessed chamber plates creating multiple filtration chambers. Each side of each plate is covered with a removable somewhat porous filter cloth. As sludge or slurry is pumped through the press solids will remain in the chamber(s) with liquids passing through the porous cloth and channeled through filtration ports in the plates, flowing to the end of the press and discharged.

At the end of the press cycle, the press plates are progressively opened and solids (filter cake) is removed from each chamber. The press is then closed and the press cycle is complete.

Contact us  Nationwide, to speak with one of our knowledgeable filtration experts to see if our mobile plate and frame press rentals are right for your wastewater needs. Our team provides our rental services to customers located throughout the entire United States.