What You Should Know About Phenol Oxidation

water treatment plantPhenol oxidation is employed by many wastewater treatment companies. This blog from Sandling Industrial Service is going to look at what you should know about it.

Let’s define phenol oxidation before we go any further so that we’re all on the same page. Having a common definition to work from will eliminate the chance of any misunderstandings or misconceptions. So, let’s begin by breaking the term into its component words.

Oxidation is simply the gain of oxygen in a substance. On the other hand, phenol refers to an aromatic organic compound that is also known as carbolic acid. It is usually in the form of white or colorless crystals. Phenol oxidation, as practiced by wastewater treatment companies, is used to meet the stringent regulations that are in place to oversee the treating of industrial effluents. This chemical oxidation method is used to destroy harmful phenols and remove them from wastewater before it can be made safe for discharge into the water system.

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