Maintaining Your Equipment as a Service to Prevent Downtime

Your equipment needs to be ready when you are. The gap left by original equipment manufacturers for service and maintenance on leased or rented machinery can mean increased downtime and reduced productivity. While equipment as a service allows better affordability for business operations, there can be a lack of product support and maintenance for machinery that is leased or rented. Ongoing service to ensure functionality and productivity is crucial for companies who cannot afford stoppages due to equipment failures.

Equipment as a service gives your company the freedom to choose your product and manage profitability effectively. Because of the nature of belt presses and filter presses, original manufacturers are often not able to supply experienced field technicians. Sandling Industrial Services has dedicated full-service specialists that possess extensive knowledge in dredges, presses, and dewatering equipment. The complexity of this technical work requires experienced professionals that understand the industry and provide ancillary support you can trust.

Minimize downtime while maintaining affordability for your business with equipment as a service and supportive maintenance from our technicians. Your time is valuable, and losing productivity to machinery that is not performing at peak levels is frustrating at best and costly at worst.