2 meter Belt Press Rental

Two Meter Belt Press Rentals Nationwide

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Are you in need of larger belt press equipment for your mechanical dewatering or filtration project? Sandling Industrial Services is proud to offer customers from across the country  our two meter belt press rentals. These larger belt presses are capable of handling even more wastewater and solids than smaller mobile units, which is especially helpful for municipalities or industrial clients working on larger jobs.

A belt filter press in most applications uses a pair of woven filter belts that travel continuously between several sets of large rollers. Sludge is introduced between the filter belts and pressure is progressively applied to the filter belt “squeezing” the majority of liquids through the porous belt. Produced liquid (effluent) can be discharged back to it’s source or if necessary undergo further processing in order to meet specified requirements. Produced solids (cake) will exit the belt press by way of rear discharge conveyor.

Some Advantages to Using a Belt Press

  • Reducing sludge volume and weight by removal of liquid to meet landfill paint filter requirements
  • Increasing the BTU value for waste destined for dryers or incineration

There are many different uses for our belt press rentals and our equipment is properly maintained to always provide you with optimal results. Some of the most popular uses for our two meter belt press rentals include:

  • Removing Liquids before Landfill Disposal
  • Reducing Fuel Requirements before Further Drying or Incineration
  • Producing Adequate Material for Composting
  • Avoiding Runoff & Pooling When Used for Land Applications
  • Optimizing Drying Processes

Contact us Nationwide, to find out if our two meter belt press rentals are the right filtration system for your current job. Our team works with customers from around the country to ensure their wastewater filtration needs are properly met.