Mini Dredge Rental

Remote Dredge Rentals Nationwide

Reduced capacity in your waster water pond, holding basins, cooling ponds, process ponds, and fire ponds can greatly impact productivity of the overall operation. Sandling Industrial Services has a solution with our mini remote dredge rentals. These high-quality sludge removal devices are capable of helping renters regain the storage capacity of their bodies of water.

Excavate Unwanted Sediment
Highly compact and portable, our mini dredge rentals efficiently removes and transfers unwanted sediment and solids from ponds, pits, lagoons, basins, and canals. Many of the classic machines, including back hoes, excavators, and drag lines, used to perform this task in the past can end up being destructive to the shore, damage liners, ineffective in the long run, or just plain expensive.

Our mini dredges, however, don’t have this problem and are particularly effective for customers when they are looking to remove silt, sand, mud, and other sludge materials that has decreased pond capacity. We provide all the rental equipment you need to regain the full capacity and depth of your lake, basin, or pond at a very affordable cost.

Contact us  Nationwide, to learn more about how our mini remote dredge rentals can improve the depth of your lake, pond, basin, or lake. Our team is proud to provide these rental services to customers in need throughout the entire United States.