1.7M Mobile Belt Press System

1.7 meter Belt Press Rental

1.7 Meter Belt Press Rentals Nationwide

Sandling Industrial Services is proud to make available for rent our mobile 1.7 Meter Belt Presses. The rate at which the 1.7 meter belt press removes solids from waste water meets many organizations production goals. Be it for the cheaper cost of renting versus ownership, replacing broken equipment as it is being repaired, or just to supplement an increased processing capacity need, a 1.7 meter belt press rental is the right tool for the job. A mobile 1.7 meter press is generally cheaper to get down the road than some of the larger mobile units while providing many of the same amenities.  The cost of owning a belt press is usually too high for some industrial and municipal organizations. Their usefulness, however, cannot be denied when it comes to removing solids from wastewater.  1.7 meter belt press rentals are available to businesses and municipalities throughout the entire nation.

Processing Industrial Wastewater

It is no mystery that industrial plants and municipal projects can generate an abundant amount of wastewater that must be properly processed. Our team is proud to provide affordable 1.7 meter belt press rentals to organizations that need to process the wastewater they create at their job site.

The belt filter press equipment offered by our company is simple and reliable, which allows for it to operate with a low number of staff members. Our belt presses come trailer mounted, complete with rear discharge conveyor, air conditioned/heated control room, operations monitoring system (cameras/dvr/monitor), polymer make down system, polymer tank, Boerger sludge feed pump, belt wash pump, filtrate pump, lights, walkways, handrails, and access stairs.

Contact us  Nationwide, when you are looking for high-quality 1.7 meter belt press rentals. Our equipment is available to customers living throughout the entire nation to ensure they receive the best in wastewater treatment equipment.