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Added to our rental equipment fleet in 2019, BP36 is a 1.7m Charter Machine belt press, great for all mechanical sludge dewatering applications. This belt press was tucked away in a lay down yard in Florida in need of many repairs.  Sandling Industrial Services purchased the belt press and sent the unit back to the original manufacturer, Charter Machine, to be refurbished.  Charter brought this belt press back to its peak operating condition and we now have it available in our mobile mechanical dewatering equipment fleet. The mobile press is legal weight and width so is cheaper than many presses to move down the road.  We have two other Charter Machine belt presses in our inventory and our clients have been very pleased with their performance. BP36, being newly refurbished, is sure to get the same reviews for its mechanical sludge dewatering abilities as our other mobile belt presses.

BP16_1.7m Roediger refurbish

The refurbishing of our 1.7m Roediger unit is nearing completion. The press has been gone through inclusive of roller re coating and  bearing replacement, even a new paint job!  BP16 has been a favorite of our operators and rental clients alike over the years. It is a three belt system with an independent gravity zone that allows, for some sludge streams, a quicker processing rate and better gravity zone dewatering.  Place your rental orders now for when it is ready to go to work!p1070016

TCEQ Environmental Trade Show and Conference

We would like to thank all of you who stopped by and said HI at the TCEQ show this year in Austin. We had a lot of productive conversations. We would like to congratulate Cindy with Invista; lucky winner of our Samsung Tablet drawing. Hopefully we’ll see you all next year!

Trade Show Brochure

Belt Press Maintenance after winter

20150928_082313_resizedIt has been our experience with our mobile belt presses and assisting clients with their equipment that no matter how diligent your winterizing maintenance schedule for a machine located in the colder parts of the country are, something usually needs some attention come the spring thaw.

The freeze thaw cycle of water through the winter months can be tough on a belt press. We drain and blow down with air all the plumbing on a piece of equipment multiple times in order to try and prevent pipes breaking but there always seems to be a cracked 90 or two.  The best way to find these potential leak causing cracks and breaks is to water test your machine prior to putting it back in service.  This usually will identify any major issues.  Outside of that, pay close attention to all your lines the first few weeks of operation and be sure to have your parts inventory current for when a fix is needed.  If it gets to the point were the spring repairs are hurting production, give us a call we would be happy to help and/or send one of our mobile belt presses to help keep you going while the repairs are made!