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Mobile Mechanical Sludge Dewatering System


Added to our rental equipment fleet in 2019, BP36 is a 1.7m Charter Machine belt press, great for all mechanical sludge dewatering applications. This belt press was tucked away in a lay down yard in Florida in need of many repairs.  Sandling Industrial Services purchased the belt press and sent the unit back to the original manufacturer, Charter Machine, to be refurbished.  Charter brought this belt press back to its peak operating condition and we now have it available in our mobile mechanical dewatering equipment fleet. The mobile press is legal weight and width so is cheaper than many presses to move down the road.  We have two other Charter Machine belt presses in our inventory and our clients have been very pleased with their performance. BP36, being newly refurbished, is sure to get the same reviews for its mechanical sludge dewatering abilities as our other mobile belt presses.

What Sludge Dewatering Equipment Will Work for My Project

At Sandling Industrial Services we are often asked by our clients what sludge dewatering equipment is best for their project. In our many years of handling sludge on sludge projects, we have found that the sludge and the job goals vary widely from project to project, thus as does the sludge dewatering equipment needed to complete the work.
For instance, if the only goal is to process as much sludge as possible, high-volume sludge dewatering equipment such as hydrocyclone systems, centrifuges, thickening units, etc. may get the job done. Plate and frame filter presses, screw presses, belt presses, etc. are examples of sludge dewatering equipment that may process less galllons per minute than other styles of dewatering equipment but can yield higher “dryness” of the end solids produced, also known as cake. The ability for each type of sludge dewatering equipment to process faster or slower and at better cake solids percentage also depends a lot on the material being processed.

Sandling Industrial Services core sludge dewatering equipment solutions offered are the belt press and plate and frame filter press. Over the years we’ve found that these two types have the most flexibility in dealing with varying types of sludge while still providing production results that make sense in a project environment. For in place systems, the best sludge dewatering equipment should be identified and installed for long-term operations. For short-term projects and monthly rental of mobile sludge dewatering equipment, the wide range of possible applications of the plate and frame filter press and belt press serve as the best style of sludge dewatering equipment to set up as mobile systems.
Sandling Industrial Services mobile sludge dewatering equipment fleet is primarily belt press systems and plate frame filter press systems. That said, if the project calls for a different piece of sludge dewatering equipment, we do have other tools to get the job done and if we don’t have it, we’ll talk to our industry partners and help you find it. We at Sandling Industrial Services believe the best sludge dewatering equipment for you project is the one the best meets the project goals, be it dryness of cake, speed of production, ease of operation, or all of the above.