How Belt Filter Presses Work in the Water Treatment Process

belt filter press rentalWater treatment is a crucial step in protecting the environment and the general public by ensuring biosolids are disposed of properly. The water that is removed during the dewatering process can then be further treated before being returned to the system.

Sandling Industrial Services offers belt filter press rental to companies. In this blog, we’ll describe in general terms how those filter presses work.

Essentially, the process works by using two belts into which is fed biosolids from a supply mix tank or another source. belts are then passed through a complex system of rollers of various diameters. It is in this network of rollers where the filters are placed under high pressure to extract the water from the solids.

A sludge stream  from a mix tank or other source is fed to the belt press by a slurry pump included on the unit. As the unit is distributed to the top of machine a polymer solution is fed to flock the material. This flocked material is rolled in the first stage of dewatering in what is called the gravity zone. From the gravity zone, material enters the wedge zone of the press were the two belts come together, subsequntly starting the “press” part of the process. The material now between two belts is routed around the dewatering drum and then proceeds into the higher pressure zone of the press. Here, a series of rollers puts compounding pressure on the material to further release pressure.  Existing the high pressure zone, the two belts begin to open/come apart to allow the know dewatered “cake” material to be distributed from the press. Water that is removed during this process is caught by a series of pans and distributed to the bottom pan to be pumped were needed.

Belt filter presses can dewater most biosolids in municipal wastewater treatment facilities and are common equipment used in the mechanical dewatering process.

This type of press has many advantages as it requires a small workforce to operate and maintenance is simple and fast. The equipment is relatively quiet and can be started and shut down quickly.

If your company requires belt filter press rental, or you wish to learn more about how one works, then reach out to Sandling Industrial Services for additional information.